What makes loulou-header unique?

branding. branding. branding.

Tables & Bars

Event planners and clients are always looking for creative and innovative ways to highlight logos, taglines and corporate messaging. LouLou has the solution for you!

Our entire line of brushed aluminum framed Plexiglas bars & tables were designed with branding in mind. Completely transform any one of the Plexiglas pieces in our collection with prints, logos, taglines, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to the use of our custom branded bars and tabletops.

3 easy peasy steps

1. Send us your logo, pictures, images in .eps format

2. We print the artwork and insert it into the tables and/or bars

3. We deliver + install your custom tables and bars to your event and..

BAM you have branded pieces!

Smart Phone Charging Stations

Our custom built LED lit Smart Phone Charging Stations can also be branded. With the capacity to charge up to 30 different devices, our charging stations feature a Plexiglas sheet at the top, which we can have custom etched to feature the logo or image of your choice. Not only practical, but the perfect way to recognize corporate partners or sponsors at any event!

Branded Pillows

We can customize and brand any pillows. Pick any colour of pillow and/or image and we can have them custom made for you! You can choose from either a square 20” x 20” pillow or a rectangular 10” x 20” and have the logo either heat transferred or laser printed on the front. Prices vary depending on choices. Contact us for pricing and for more information.