Light up your ideas with SnapLites!

SnapLites are proprietary LED light panels unlike any other product on the market.

Catch your guests’ attention with these easy and unique custom signs using the newest breakthrough technology. SnapLite offers you bright, versatile & maintenance-free illumination that will highlight your message like never before!

LED display panels
with snap-able frame

Bright, crisp
clear images

1 X 15 amp 
circuit required

Can be suspended
from trussing

7', 10' or Adjustable 16'

Available in 4’ X 2’ and
2’ X 2’ panels

Weighs less than 10lbs

Custom prints can be reused

Adjustable stands
7ft – 10ft – 16ft

Endless creative possibilities

Ideal to recognize sponsors, images, logos, pictures, menus
and provide directional signage. 

4' x 2' Panel with Print

2' x 2' Panel with Print