Our Collections

LouLou Collection White

A sleek faux leather collection to suit any space and complement any colour palette

White LouLou Sofa
Available in 8ft & 7ft

LouLou Martini Chair
28.5" x 27" x 31"

White LouLou Bench
Available in 4ft & 7ft

White LouLou Footstool
20" x 15.5" x 17"

LouLou Loveseat
4’ x 22” x 37.5”

LouLou Chair
27” x 30” x 37.5”

LouLou Collection Black

A sleek faux leather collection to suit any space and complement any colour palette

Black LouLou Sofa
Available in 6.75’

Black LouLou Chair
27” x 30” x 37.5”

Black LouLou Bench
6.75’ x 16” x 18”

Black LouLou Footstool
20” x 15.5” x 17”

Gatsby Collection

Add some glamour with this glitzy patent leather tufted collection.

Pink Gatsby Bench
64" x 16" x 16"

White Gatsby Bench
64" x 16" x 16"

Black Gatsby Sofa
8' x 37.5" x 34"

White Gatsby Sofa
8’ x 37.5” x 34”

White, Black, Pink Gatsby Footstool Cube
16" x 16” x 16”

Gatsby Footstool Round
30" x 30” x 16”

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Alexa Collection

Sink into plush velour or luxurious leather with the Alexa Collection.

Grey Alexa Sofa
82.5" x 34.5” x 31”

Brown Leather Alexa Sofa
82.5" x 34.5" x 31"

Grey Alexa Daybed
67" x 27" x 18.5"

Brown Leather Alexa Daybed
67" x 27" x 18.5"

Pink Alexa Loveseat
32" x 54" x 36"

Grey Alexa Chair
19” x 17” x 30.5”

Beige Alexa Footstool
15.5" x 15.5” x 15.5”

Grey / Pink Alexa Footstool
18.5" x 18.5” x 18.5”

Regal Collection

A jewel-toned velour collection fit for royalty.

Gold Regal Sofa
6.75' x 30” x 37.5”

Red, Blue, Chartreuse Regal Footstool
20" x 15.5” x 17”

Orange Regal Bench
6.75' x 16" x 18"

Teal, Chartreuse, Gold, Orange, Red Regal Decorative Pillows

Versatile Collection

Modern modular pieces suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

Versatile O Bench
80" x 78" x 26"

Versatile Wedge
17” x 30” x 30”

Versatile Sofa Chair
34" x 30" x 22"

Versatile Pentagon
18" x 36" x 49"

Versatile Cruiser
19.75" x 19.75" x 39.25"

Versatile Dot
18" x 18"

Versatile Barstool
19.75" x 17.75" x 38.25"

Versatile Half Moon
44" x 39" x 78"

Versatile Full Moon
88" x 78" 156"

Lumière Collection

Light up your event with Lumière's glowing show-stoppers imported from Spain,
lit in a colour of your choice.

Lumière Loop
85.75" x 72.75" x 92.75"

Lumière Bench
6.75' x 30" x 37.5"

Lumière Curved Bar
63" x 63" x 45.5"

Lumière Straight Bar
70.75" x 23.5" x 42.25"

Modern Collection

Add a splash of colour with the fun and funky Modern Collection.

Modern Jelly Chair
Green, Red or Orange

Modern Loveseat White

Pedrali Chair

Modern Loveseat Red

Pedrali Collection

Make the ordinary extraordinary with the Italian-designed Pedrali Collection.

Pedrali Round Bistro Table
Black or Grey

Pedrali Grey Table/Bench

Pedrali Chair

Pedrali Square Bistro Table
Black or White

Pedrali Curved Table/Bench
Grey, White or Black

Mirrored Collection

Let elegance rule the day with our Mirrored Collection.

Mirrored Coffee Table
40" x 40" x 17.5"

Mirrored Cruiser
40" x 40" x 42.5"

Mirrored High Top
24" x 24" x 42.5"

Mirrored End Table
24" x 24" x 20.5"

Mirrored and Gold Nesting Tables
19.5" x 19.5" x 24"

Mirrored Cube
18.11" x 18.11" x 18.11"

Plexi Collection

These brushed aluminum frame tables come with plexiglas tops and are customizable
to include your logo, messaging, or brand colours. Ask us for more information.

Plexi 5' x 5'
60" x 60" x 30"/or 42"

Plexi Coffee Table
48" x 30" x 16"

Plexi Bistro
30" x 30" x 42"

Plexi End Table
18" x 18" x 22"

Plexi Dining Table
96" x 42" x 30"/or 42"

Plexi Communal Table - Large
96" x 24" x 42"

Plexi Communal Table - Small
70" x 24" x 42"

Plexi Sofa Table
96" x 16" x 30"

Plexi Cruiser Table - Small
24" x 24" x 42"

Plexi Cruiser Table - Large
30" x 30" x 42"

Wood Collection

Our brushed aluminum frame tables topped with custom wood tops made from
100% reclaimed Canadian elm.

Wood Communal Table
96" x 24" x 44"

Wood Sofa Table
96" x 16" x 32"

Wood Coffee Table
48" x 30" x 18"

Wood Cruiser Table
24" x 24" x 44" or 30" x 30" x 44"

Wood End Table
18" x 18" x 24"

Wood Nesting Tables (set of 3)

Wine Barrel Table

Wine Barrel Cruiser

Additional Seating

Louis Chair - White

Louis Chair - White Black

Louis Chair - Black

Louis Chair - Black White

The Elsa Banquet Chair

Sussex Chair

Armless Ghost Chair

Ghost Chair with Arms

White Resin Patio Chair

Garden Chair

Light Farm Chair

Dark Farm Chair

Fanfare Chair

Folding Chair


White Barstool

Cowhide Barstool

Black Barstool

Silver Barstool

Versatile Barstool

Rustic Barstool

Red Bumbo Barstool

White Bumbo Barstool

Industrial Barstool

Ghost Barstool

Ghost Drum

Specialty Seating

Blue Bucket Chair

Grey Mickey Tub Chair

Yellow Spin Chair

Ruby Bench

White Mickey Tub Chair

Bubble Chair

Wedding Chair

Adirondack Chair

Swing Chair

Beanie Chair

Round Beanie

Rectangle Beanie


Gatsby Footstool Cube

Regal Footstool

Alexa Footstool

White, Yellow or Metallic

LouLou Footstool
Black or White

Betsy Cowhide Footstool

Wood Stump

Beige Alexa Footstool

Gatsby Footstool Round

Fossil Footstool


Mirror and Gold Nesting Tables
19.5" x 19.5" x 24"

Wood Nesting Tables (set of 3)

Glass Bistro/Cruiser Table
Adjustable height

Glass and Gold Coffee Table
20" x 47.5" x 17.5"

Metallic Drums
Large and Small

Marble and Gold End Table
14.5" x 22.5" x 22"

Marble and Gold Coffee Table
23.5" x 47" x 19"

Lola End Tables
Large and Small

White Marble End Table

Versatile Cruiser

Ivory End Table

U End Table

White Wood Coffee Table

Ebony End Table

Banquet Round
60" x 30"

Saw Horse Table

Shadow Box Table
96" x 24" x 42"

A Frame Shelves

Folding Table
72" x 30" x 29.25"


These brushed aluminum frame bars match our Plexi and Wood Collection tables.
They are customizable to include your logo, messaging, or brand colours.

Plexi Bar Cube
36" x 26" x 42"

6ft Plexi Bar
72" x 36" x 42"

LED Glow Bar - Wood
72" x 24" x 44"

6ft Wood Bar
72" x 36" x 44"

LED Glow Bar - Plexi
72" x 24" x 42"

Lumière Straight Bar
70.75" x 23.5" x 42.25"

Lumière Curved Bar
63" x 63" x 45.5"

Back Bars

Keep your entire bar looking stylish with our matching back bar shelves.

Plexi Back Bar Shelves

Crate Back Bar Shelves

A Frame Shelves

Food Stations

Two-Tiered Food Station
Plexi or Wood Top

Wood Top Food Station
72" x 36" x 44"

Custom Carpets

This custom event carpet is typically meant for a single use.
It can be cut to any size and custom printing is available.


Hot Pink



Gold Glitter


Lime Green


Royal Blue







Silver Glitter

Chalk White

Area Rugs

6'7" x 9'10"

Charcoal Shag
5'7" x 7'10"

Charcoal Grey
5'7" x 7'10"

5'7" x 7'10"

5'7" x 7'10"

Red Ombre
5'7" x 7'10"

Pink Shag
4'4" x 6'5"

9'9" x 7'6"

Green Shag
4'4" x 6'5"

7' x 5' or 13' x 3'

6'7" x 9'10"

Colour Striped
5'7" x 7'10"

Beige Round
130 cm

Accessories - Throw Pillows

Deep Red Solid

Bright Red Solid

Red Crosshatched

Cherry Blossom

Regal Red Velour

Pink Leaf

Pink Petal

Pink Pin Tuck

Regal Orange Velour

Orange Solid

Orange Fur

Burnt Orange

Regal Chartreuse Velour

Regal Gold Velour

Gold with Wood Buttons

Gold Satin

Green Solid

Green Leaf

Green Sparkle

Navy Solid

Royal Blue Satin

Blue Solid

Regal Teal Velour

Teal Satin

Blue Fur

Blue Polka Dot

Purple Satin

Purple Ruffle

Black Solid

Black Sequin

Grey Solid

Grey Striped

Silver Shimmer

Black and White Floral

Velvet Damask

White Petal

White Round

White Fur

Cream Fur

Sheep Fur - Dark

Sheep Fur - Light


Rainbow Striped

Skull Print

Canada Clipart

Canadian Flag

Canadian Anthem

Canada 150 Blue

Canada 150 Green

Canada 150 Yellow

Accessories - Votives

Clear Votive

Tulip Votive

Crystal Votive

Red Round Votive

Red Round Votive

Industrial Votive Cube

Birch Votive Log

Birch Votive

Birch Candlesticks
set of 3

Accessories - Candle Holders


Crystal Candle Lamp - Small

Crystal Candle Lamp - Large

Glass Pillar Candle Vase

White Doily Candle Vase

Accessories - Accent Lighting

Bar Marquis Sign

B-A-R Letters

YOW Letters

LED Table Lamp

Crystal Globe with LED lights

Nautical Lantern

Fairy Light Jar 

Accessories - Lighting

Crystal Chandelier
4 lights

Crystal Chandelier
9 Lights

Industrial Lights

Crystal Chandelier with Black Shade

Table Lamp

Accessories - Vases

Turquoise Vase - Medium

Turquoise Vase - Small

Turquoise Vase - Large

Large Candy Jar

Cylinder Vases

Square Vase

Accessories - Miscellaneous

Square Mirror Base